We are not far away from Easter, when young and old alike revel in a few extra sweet treats.  that this candy is always linked to. It's a favorite holiday for many in North Dakota and across the world.
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This candy is sold all over North Dakota in grocery stores and other retailers.

Now, health warnings are being issued about this popular candy. The warning comes from consumer reports and highlights certain types of this candy.

What kind of candy is it?

The marshmallow peep.

Photo by Celina Yoo on Unsplash

Photo by Celina Yoo on Unsplash

According to Consumer Reports, it has to do with certain colors of marshmallow peeps. Colored peeps are made with Red Dye No. 3. This ingredient has been linked in multiple studies to causing cancer in animals.

Categorized as carcinogenic.

Consumer Reports has even reached out to the company that makes marshmallow peeps, advising them to cease production of the confection.

At this time, the company has not responded to Consumer Reports.

A Consumer Reports staff scientist warned parents, "Parents should know that the purple and pink-colored peeps they may be putting in their kid's Easter basket are made with an ingredient that is a known carcinogen," said Michael Hansen from Consumer Reports.

Red Dye No. 3 is used in multiple marshmallow peeps. According to Consumer Reports, moms and dads should watch out for Pink Marshmallow Chicks, Peeps Pink Marshmallow Bunnies, Peeps Lavender Marshmallow Chicks, and Peeps Lavender Marshmallow Bunnies.

Since 1990, the FDA has prohibited use of that specific ingredient, Red Dye No. 3. It seems strange to many experts that it is allowed in foods.

Thousands of food products include the cancer-causing ingredient.

The FDA requires food companies to print that on the label.

Peep's parent company issued a statement after the Consumer Reports warning was reported.

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