I can't believe someone would do this. A guy was riding his bike and recording video when an SUV swerves at him, nearly killing him. Why would someone do this? It clearly looks intentional, and like they were trying to scare him.

Wandering Duluth has a YouTube Channel, and I've seen some of his videos before. Some of them are pretty cool, like when he came across a buck chasing a doe and nearly got mauled. Maybe Wandering Duluth has a target on his back? It's crazy!

Anyway, he was riding his bike on the sidewalk. He doesn't say where it happens but it looks like the hillside neighborhood to me. As he crossed a street, a red SUV can be seen in the distance.

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About halfway through the street, the SUV swerves right at him! What a jerk! Look how close they got.

Wandering Duluth YouTube
Wandering Duluth YouTube

The reason I think it was intentional, is because if you watch the video and keep an eye on the SUV from the first moment you see it, it's driving perfectly straight. It's not like the SUV was all over the road. It only swerved once, and that was right at the bicyclist.

Wandering Duluth stopped afterwards to take a moment. He says he saw his life flash before his eyes, and wondered if this biking is even worth it?

It's pretty sad that this happened in Minnesota. What's the beef with bicyclists? I hope karma finds this driver someday.

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Warning: Graphic Language In Video

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