A Florida man was hunting for invasive Burmese pythons in the Big Cypress National Preserve when he came across and captured the longest example of the species ever caught in Florida, and possibly the longest python caught on record.

Florida Largest Python Ever Caught
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Florida Man Catches Longest Python Ever Caught In Florida

Jake Waleri is a python hunter. We're not sure why he's chosen to become a python hunter, but better him than us.

Honestly, it's a really good thing there are people like Jake because Florida has a serious Burmese python problem.

Burmese pythons and other constrictor snakes were initially imported into the United States as pets. However, some owners released these large snakes into the wild when they became too difficult to care for or grew too large.

Powerful Hurricane Irma Slams Into Florida
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These released snakes established breeding populations in the Florida wilderness.

Florida has a really suitable habitat for Burmese pythons as well.

All that coupled with the fact there are no natural predators when it comes to pythons in Florida, and you've got a python problem.

In fact, you've got a really big Python problem.

Jake Waleri came face to face with this big problem.

Longest Python On Record
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Conservancy of SWFL

From abc.net.au -

"The 22-year-old's wrestling match with the giant python was captured on camera, with several others helping him pin down the creature. 

Jake Waleri said he spotted the 'absolute monster' while out on a hunt for the invasive species at the Big Cypress National Preserve."

Big Cypress National Preserve
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As you'll see in the video, this 20-foot-long Burmese python seems as strong as a gorilla and has a head the size of a dog.

Notice the python unhinged its jaw getting ready to swallow Waleri whole, and it certainly could have under different circumstances.

Read more over at abc.net.au.

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