Have you ever stopped to think when the last time you and your family took a trip?

I am the first to admit how easy it is to fall into a rut. Day by day, week, by week....the months all seem to merge as one. I have a feature that I post on our 96.5 The Walleye Facebook weekday mornings. My quest is to get others involved, to get your take on things -  I try and make my questions fairly light and not too controversial, I want to have fun with this and not stir up emotions where people are debating against others. For 4 years since I moved here to Bismarck I've been having fun with this, and I appreciate it.

"Bromo Billboard" is what my feature is called

So for some reason, I wondered to myself - "What's  the furthest place I have been?" Let me show you what I posted back in February:

That was my answer when I lived in San Diego. So what about you? Do you and your family travel? I was curious just how far some North Dakotans have been - and I was very surprised how many comments I wound up getting. Here is one response from a co-worker - Rick Acker - "St. Paul Island, Alaska. Bering Sea to hunt King Eiders. 700 miles from Anchorage"   Keep in mind now, my Billboard isn't intended to be a contest - where people feel compelled to best others, but check out this response -"Diego Garcia, just about halfway around the globe"    However if someone were to WIN the price of "The Furthest Place Travelled" - This person would WIN it.."All the way. I did a world cruise in 1985"  -   I'm going to guess that took at LEAST a couple of days...:)

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