This love story will take you back to your "good old High School" days

I find myself envying this young man - you see I was the kid that "nobody knew" when I was in High School"  - true story, someone once asked me "Are you new here?" - "Nope, I've been sitting behind you all year" was my response. This Berthold, North Dakota High School Freshman is my new hero. He took action on a brilliant idea he came up with and risked facing cruel ridicule from people of all ages.

Imagine the stares, the looks he gathered as he walked through the door...

...with his hands around THE Taylor Swift's waist. The genius I am speaking of is Shaun Randall - of course, he lives in Berthold, and he doesn't go to any lengths to hide his love for the singer. According to "Shaun is known All Too Well as a Swiftie in his family, according to his mom Laurie Buckley, and his sister bought him the cutout of the pop icon as a joke"   YES....I guess I should have told you that he waltzed into the dance with a CARDBOARD LIFE SIZE Taylor Swift.

Not one tear was shed...

...when it became clear that "..Shaun wasn’t named to prom court..." - like a good mom, Laurie Buckley was there to console him and to tell him to "Shake it off" - The whole thing was a joke, but when you get right down to it, I believe that Shaun learned a lot about his fellow students and the support that came from others, and I think that's awesome. We are ALL anxious to see who he brings to the next school dance.


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