The title of this article is exactly what happened on a lazy Sunday morning in Burnsville Minnesota

Average people coming into work, going about their job, to serve and protect, putting their lives on the line, and unfortunately lost - to a gutless coward that was hellbent on killing. Police officers will tell you that "Domestic Calls - Domestic Disputes" can be the most unpredictable, tense moments. According to "Two police officers and a paramedic were killed in Burnsville Sunday morning, according to Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz"

A town of around 63,000 people is in utter shock this morning

Sunday is a day for families to rise, have some breakfast, attend church, and relax in the afternoon now in complete shock, and are left asking themselves like we all are, "How does that happen?" Authorities were also responding to an "incident with weapons" - The two officers and first responder were killed. Just doing their job, doing what men and women face every single morning they put on a police uniform.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz's statement... 

"We must never take for granted the bravery and sacrifices our first responders make each and every day, Today, the families of these public servants received the call they knew was possible but hoped would never come. My heart is with those grieving families – the State of Minnesota stands ready to support in any way we can. This is a tragic loss for our state." reported. As of just a couple of hours ago, authorities have not released any information about the suspected shooter.

Walz ordered flags be flown at half-staff starting Monday at sunrise.

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