Joshua and Makayla have surrounded themselves with unique items in their store since last December...

...Notes Of Grace LLC Thrift Store currently at 1511 Lockheed Drive Unit 17 is set to move to a new location - 2020 46th Ave SE in Mandan Unit 144  B - a soft opening is on May 16th. I can't remember ever being in a thrift store, so I had a few questions. "Tell me what best describes your store..."

"Home decor, some furniture items, and kitchen supplies..."

"Our last day open at the current location will be May 15th then we are opening up the new larger location by Raging Rivers May 16th with the grand opening June 1st
We are still accepting all donations and putting new stuff out daily. We just got a nice Riccar Vacuum for $100 before the discount as well as the Triple glass light in the photos. We have the rolling cooler for $10, books are still $1 for hard covers and fifty cents for paperbacks before the discount is applied. Thanks to everyone that has helped support us in this journey!"  That was a Facebook post from back on May 1st. Another question I was curious about was..."Where do you find your items that are in your store?"
"Storage locker auctions, estate sells..." 
His answer made sense to he and Makayla receive donations from time to time. I had another simple question was.."Why are you moving?"
    "We are moving from a 1600 sf location with only 800 sf designated as the sales floor to a 3250 sf location where we will designate around 2500 sf as the sales floor. One of the goals we will maintain will be low prices and a clean, homey, and organized environment. The past eight months have been very exciting and we can hardly wait for the new place!
Makayla and I have five girls and one boy Kaden (13) so the two of us are always outnumbered. We have our precious baby Lillian who is about to turn 5 months old then a big age gap up to nine-year old Emily then we have the twins Sophia and Hailey (10) Hailey is and always will be two minutes older than Sophia! Then we have the oldest girl Elizabeth (12) Fun fact about all of them: They love Taki's but they hate when I play Blinded By The Light on our way to school in the morning. Especially the one that doesn't get a sun visor"
My favorite question that I ALWAYS ask anyone..."What's your favorite part of your job?"
"Finding unique stuff..."   Like this item for instance...
Joshua Vannot
Joshua Vannot
 This is a wonderful couple who are modest and filled with wonderful items to bring joy to someone else.....I love what they wrote back in April:
"We’ve got some big news!!! We have received so much love and support from our community and fellow thrifters since opening our store back in December that we have quickly outgrown our space! What a blessing!!! 😀 We are so excited to announce we have secured a new location and can’t wait to show everyone our new space!"
   Make sure you check them out when they have their Grand Opening June 1st! You will fall in love with their charm :)
Notes Of Grace LLC Thrift Store Facebook
Notes Of Grace LLC Thrift Store Facebook

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