Her name is Ashley Kneavel - and I so appreciate her for several reasons...

...for one, she is a cat lover - besides having a heart of gold, her ambition is to find homes for cats that need a family. Ashley is pursuing something pretty fantastic as far as I'm concerned - If all goes well, soon in Lincoln, we will have Dakota Cat Cafe. 

Ashley Kneavel
Ashley Kneavel

Are you curious how many of these Cat Cafes there are in the United States?

I would have guessed not more than 25 or maybe even 30...at most. I wasn't even close - according to thatcatlife.com "As of June 2024, there are 230+ cat cafes in the United States. The United States is now the leading country in the world for cat cafes, surpassing even Japan. Nearly two dozen new cat cafes have already debuted in the first half of 2024. In fact, cat cafe openings in the 1st half of 2024 exceeds that of same period in every previous year. At least fifteen more new cat cafes are scheduled to open this year, suggesting 2024 will be another big year for cat cafes!"

Ok......but do any of them have a drive-thru?

Ours could be the very first. So here is the latest - Ashley told me that she got the "Ok" from a landlord in Lincoln - there are still a few details being worked out - and a final nod from the ND Dept. of Health is needed - once that is done, she along with Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue will bring to life a magical place, maybe as soon as next month!

We are talking about one building divided in half...

...when this Dakota Cat Cafe is up and running - on one side they will serve coffee, Red Bull fizzlers, and slushies for the kids...AND  separated by two doors, you will walk into a haven for cats. Toys, trees everywhere, and cats who will be up for adoption. It's people like Ashley and Furry Friends that will bring joy to so many people. I can't think of anything more.....well...PURRFECT!

Thank you, Ashley - YOU are my new hero!


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