I PROMISE you that I am not making any of this up, and I'm also quite sure you have come across someone as well

This happened to me again just last week, and I completely forgot about it until this afternoon. I ran this by a couple of co-workers and they seemed quite surprised as well. Our Bismarck Townsquare Media cluster of 5 radio stations is located here on the strip in Mandan.


Hot 975, 96.5 The Walleye, US 103 3, Cool 98.7, and Super Talk 1270 AM

I would guess at least 50% of the time we have listeners who have won a prize through one of our radio stations, drop by to pick it up. Last week a woman casually said to me that she had no problem finding us here on the strip and that she HAD NEVER BEFORE BEEN TO MANDAN. I said wait a minute, "Are you new to Bismarck?" - she replied that she was a native and that she had lived here her whole life. Ok, this was a woman that I would guess was in her late 30s. I would not have cast even a shrug if she was in High School. Do you see what I'm getting at? Has this ever happened to you?

There is no solid explanation when I ask them "WHY?"

I have run across this before, just a couple of times, and I always ask "Why...have they never been to Mandan before?" Everyone has told me that they just never had any specific reason to...( I immediately thought to myself all the cool things they have missed out on - for instance, the annual 4th of July weekend parade, OR Buggies and Blues...just to name a few ) And it's not like Mandan is MILES away from Bismarck - BUT people are people, and that is what makes our world ( Bismarck...MANDAN ) so interesting. So have you ever been to Mandan before? How about this, if you are a Mandan native, have you ever been to Bismarck before?


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