In the last two months, North Bismarck has experienced its second coyote sighting.

If you are out and about today, just be aware there is a coyote roaming around near Cash Wise Foods in North Bismarck.

The sighting was first reported to the Bismarck's People Reporting News Facebook page. Take a look at the photo:


Kasey Mollman
Kasey Mollman

The photo was taken by Kasey Mollman. Mollman's post is racking up comments of concern and updates on the coyote's whereabouts.

Keep In Mind

While this may not be shocking news, as animals live all around us, it's important to share this information for safety reasons. You may mistake one of these animals for a runaway pet, and end up in a dangerous situation.

If you plan on going for a walk (not advised), running errands/shopping up that way, make sure you keep your eyes open for the coyote, do not approach the animal, and it approaches you, follow the steps listed here.

I'm sure the animal has moved from this location, so if you see it somewhere else (near residences or commercial buildings) please report it to North Dakota Game and Fish, send us a message to update the people of Bismarck, and if you feel so inclined, make a post to any one of the news reporting Facebook pages for Bismarck-Mandan.

Protecting Your Pets

Another thing you might want to consider in light of this sighting, is to bring your pets inside for the time being. Coyotes are dangerous and tend to prey on small animals. Make sure your furry friends are inside or somewhere safe.

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