I think most drivers would agree that being able to turn right on a red light is efficient, and makes things go smoother.
That said, I'm sure you've seen a few exceptions -- a couple intersections where this isn't allowed, though, for the most part, turning right on a red light is understood and allowed in most places.
What if I told you that was going to be a thing of the past?
According to the Associated Press, pedestrian deaths are on the rise; this is especially true in big cities. In many of these cases, the pedestrian was struck because of the right turn on red rule.
Removing The Rule?

According to the source, last year, Washington DC City Council approved a "right on red" ban. It takes effect next year, in 2025.

The source also says that Ann Arbor, Michigan prohibits right turn at red lights in the downtown area. San Francisco is also now pushing for their transportation agency to ban right on red across the city.

This is something other places like Los Angeles, Seattle, and Denver have looked into as well.

It seems this is definitely getting some traction in bigger cities, but we haven't heard of any changes coming to Bismarck/North Dakota just yet.

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if it does trickle down to places like North Dakota, especially the capital city of Bismarck

Force of Habit?

Even if they did decide to take this away, how long would it take up to get used to the change? Most of us learned how to drive with this being allowed. Do you think people would follow the rule?

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