We are getting closer and closer to the Christmas holiday, so you know what that means, right? We're shopping until we're dropping!

While some of our friends and family members may be easy to shop for, others might be a little more difficult.

What To Buy?

What do you get someone who has it all? What do you buy for someone who's picky? You might opt to pick up a gift card, instead of risking getting them a gift they won't like or use.

This is always a debate: are gift cards a good gift? For awhile the majority of the population would always say no, but now, I think it has become more socially acceptable.

Gift cards are great! They're practical like cash, without being as thoughtless.

Gift Card Scam

It seems every year we hear about a new scam; this year is no different. There are people who are taking pictures or recording the information listed on gift cards, then put it back on the shelf.

Once they do that, they wait for the card to become active. After that, they drain the card's balance.

This was first reported to have happened at a large grocery store in Philadelphia. According to Fox29.com it affected more than 100 cards.

While we haven't heard any reports of this happening in North Dakota yet, it's good to stay vigilant and know what kind of scams are possible and going around out there.

Happy holidays, and good luck shopping for your loved ones! As always, thanks for reading.


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