I don’t often go to the store in person because... people... EWW, but when I do, I tend to go to the self check out, because... less people, less EWW.

If you go to target anytime in the near future, you might want to look out for this new change several Target locations are initiating.

Target's New Rule

There's a new rule that's being implemented at Target stores all across the country, and it might throw off your flow. Shopping flow, not the other one.

If you're asking what my thoughts/opinions are on this, (you're not) -- Don't. I’m not sure if I’m mad about it or not...TBD.

Changes At Self'-Checkout

Self checkouts can be great; they are a fast way to get in and out in the store. They can be a little bit annoying whenever you have a bunch of items and there’s no lane open with an actual human being. In any case, stores have them.

Several Targets have started limiting their self-checkouts to where you can only go through them if you have ten items or less. ...Feel free to gasp and be dramatic.


I can only guess as to why we are living through what will later be referred to as a TRAGEDY. I texted, was left on 'read.'

I wonder if this change is supposed to make it a faster experience. With all of the recent reports of different grocery stores having issues with people walking out the door with unscanned items (purposely or not) it makes sense. 

Maybe keeping it down to 10 items or less will help the loss prevention department. Who knows?

The next time do you go to a North Dakota Target self-check out, make sure you don't have too many items in your cart; it would suck to wait in line, just to get turned away. 

*I can't confirm this rule is being enforced at North Dakota stores**

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