Okay, fear not.  This is not a sophomoric article about "risqué" town names in North Dakota or Minnesota.

Somebody cue Beavis and Butthead and their signature giggles. This will be a "safe" article to read at work or at home.

As you might know, if you have ever read my articles before.  I love road trips across North Dakota and exploring our towns and cities. 

The smallest to our biggest.  I grew up on the eastern side of North Dakota, and I have gotten to know the cities in northwest Minnesota pretty well too.

I literally think I've been the DJ at prom dances from over one hundred different high schools across North Dakota and Minnesota. I've also been in a plethora of cities doing wedding dances as well.

Not to mention I'm always hunting and fishing across North Dakota and Minnesota.  Yep, I've gotten to know our communities well.  Yep, I have put on some serious miles all across North Dakota and Minnesota.

I do find it a bit humorous, the names of some of the towns or cities that somehow "pass mustard" and became its official town name.

What were they thinking?  More importantly, how did these cities get these names?  What's the story behind the names?  I decided to get to the bottom of these questions.  I did some serious digging.

So, let's get to it.  I'm sure you've heard of most of these towns, but there might be one or two, that you had no idea about.

The 10 Worst Named Towns In North Dakota & Minnesota

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