If you are looking to find some romance this weekend how about checking out "The Most Romantic Town in All of North Dakota?"

I stumbled across an article recently on the website Honeymoon Always, on the Top 175 Alternative Romantic Destinations in America.  I figured there would be no way a city in North Dakota could make this list.

As I scrolled and scrolled through the article, a North Dakota city was nowhere to be found.  The usual Florida, California, and Hawaii cities were near the top as expected.

Then came a fair amount of South Dakota and Minnesota towns.

Hill City, South Dakota came in at #53.

Stillwater, Minnesota came in at #56.

Big Sky, Montana came in at #65.

Deadwood, South Dakota came in at #122.

Red Wing, Minnesota came in at #148.

Spearfish, South Dakota came in at #150.

Custer State Park, South Dakota came in at #153.

Grand Marais, Minnesota came in at #156.

I was also very surprised that only TWO Montana towns made the list with all of their natural beauty, which you would think would be sure to spark the mood in just about any relationship.

I was just about to give up on North Dakota making the list when there it was.

MEDORA, NORTH DAKOTA just made the cut by the skin of its teeth coming in at #160 out of 175.

So, how did Honeymoon Always come up with their data?  Apparently, they surveyed 3,000 couples to find out which lesser-known romantic destinations they would like to visit in 2023.

I would say their choice of Medora is the right one.  Definitely a North Dakota gem, that just about all North Dakota couples know about, but it looks like a good share of American couples want to see it as well.

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