Kyle Becker, a Bismarck High School graduate back in 2005, is doing all he can to make the most out of his stint on the game show, 'Jeopardy!'

Becker, now a research scientist at Vanderbilt University, had won his first appearance on the game show and then on Tuesday of this week. He will now compete on today's show.

Becker's family will be cheering him on as they will gather to watch at the Stadium Sports Bar Wednesday afternoon.

'Jeopardy' host Alex Trebek mentioned during contestant banter with Becker that he was voted 'most likely to be on 'Jeopardy' back in high school.

On yesterday's show, Becker was up against a financial software consultant by the name of Matthias Clark and from Illinois and a retired teacher out of Pennsylvania, Kimberly Kist. Each of the three contestants answered incorrectly in Final Jeopardy as Becker gambled the least amount of money on the category/question to advance.

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