It's life in prison without parole for an ex-Minot kindergarten teacher convicted of conspiracy to murder.

The Fargo Forum reports Cynthia Wilder was sentenced Wednesday for her role in the murder of her husband's ex-wife, Angila.

Ms. Wilder's husband was also sentenced to life without parole, in December, 2016. The murder took place in 2015.

During the investigation, Ms. Wilder had revealed to an old boyfriend (who was actually a confidential informant) that she had taken part in the murder. She said she had helped her husband by staking out the home of the victim.

She also told the informant she was aware of her husband's aborted plan to escape from jail, and had planned to provide clothing and a car.

Angila Wilder, who was pregnant at the time, was stabbed 44 times and struggled stay alive. The DNA of Richie Wilder Jr. was found under the victim's fingernails.

Richie and Cynthia Wilder also have a 4-year-old daughter together.

[Source: Fargo Forum]


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