The National Weather Service in Bismarck has issued a Wind Chill WARNING for the area, going as far as to use the term LIFE THREATENING cold temperatures.

The Arctic blast continues to grip the nation, even as far south as the Gulf Coast. This has prompted the NWS to issue a WIND CHILL WARNING for the area.

Wind chill values will be near minus 30 today and even colder tonight as wind chill values will be near minus 50.

The communities affected include Jamestown, Bismarck, Mandan, Dickinson and Minot.

Those traveling are strongly encouraged to have a winter survival kit and to inform others of your travel plans. Should you get stranded, you should stay with your car or truck. Be sure to dress for the weather outside and not the temperature inside your vehicle.


Frostbite is possible in less than 30 minutes to exposed skin.

Be sure to check on the elderly and make warm arrangements for pets and livestock.

The wind chill warning is in effect until 12 Noon, Wednesday (CST), January 7th.