A Bismarck farmer and rancher is getting a well-deserved fifteen minutes of fame on the front of a box of Wheaties.

NBC/North Dakota News reports General Mills, the makers of Wheaties is honoring Gabe Brown with a box of the "Breakfast of Champions" featuring his image.

They're doing it to honor Mr. Brown, who has been working with the company in "regenerative agriculture."

Wikipedia describes regenerative agriculture as an approach to food and farming "which aims to regenerate topsoil,  increase biodiversity improve water cycles...and strengthen the health and vitality of farm soil systems."

The Brown family operate a farm to the northeast of Bismarck. Mr. Brown says he embraced the regenerative approach after a series of setbacks in the nineties. Since the switch he says operations have been profitable every year.

Though the box featuring the rancher's image won't be available on the general market, Mr. Brown describes it as a "cool memento."

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