People love this stuff! When events like this happen, you realize just how tiny we are in this mass universe. This week, there will be not be one, but two very historic events that you'll have to look UP in the sky to witness.

Nothing to fear though, these comets will pass close enough to see, but far enough not to crash into mother earth.  Comet PanSTARRS will zoom pass earth Tuesday. This will take place about noon. This is the second historic pass of Comet PanSTARRS . This comet can be seen from North America.

The other comet is Comet 252P/LINEAR. The comet will zoom 3,290,000 miles from Earth. That will make it the fifth closest comet to Earth in history. This comet can be seen in the Southern Hemisphere.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Both comets can be seen with the naked eye, a telescope or binoculars will help you clearly see both comets.

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