Have mail delivery delays hit North Dakota?

I had read that USPS delivery was going to start slowing down, so I did expect to have some delays here and there with orders. But, I am telling you now, do not sleep on anything you are considering having shipped this holiday season. Because it may not make it to you in time.

I have experienced frustrating delays on multiple occasions recently.

I first experienced the frustration of delayed mail at the beginning of October. I had ordered two rollout mattresses from Amazon. Both mattresses were in stock and I was given a broad range for the day my mattresses would be delivered - between October 2 and 11. The fact that the estimated delivery date spanned over more than a week concerned me that my mail could be further delayed. And I was totally right.

October 11 came and went, but my mattresses had not even shipped yet. More than a day after the final estimated day, I got an email that shipping was delayed until between October 22 and 26. Again, those dates came and went, with me receiving a delay email yet again. Now, delivery is set for November. But we will see how that turns out.

I have also experienced delays with other online retailers. I recently made a clothing order. It was the middle of October and I was given an estimated delivery date of October 27. And I am still waiting on that package.

Delays happen. But can we get better communication about the delays?

It is understandable that there are some mail delays these days. But can't we get better ETAs for online orders. Apologizing for delays, days after missed delivery days is not helpful. It creates angry customers.

Have you experienced mail delays recently?

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