It may sound ridiculous, but the Mall of America in Minneapolis will pay you to live there for five days. Teenagers, please close your dropped jaws.

You've read that right. The Mall of America wants to pay you to eat, shop, live, and write there for five days. Ah, write? Yes, they are looking for a "special scribe" to write up the evolution they have went through, just in time for their 25th anniversary.

The mall expects you to involve yourself in their culture and write whatever you see. All that in exchange for a four-night stay in an on-site hotel, a $400 gift card, so you can purchase all the food and drinks you desire, and a "generous honorarium."...No idea what that last part means exactly.

Non-experienced writers all the way to aspiring novelists are encouraged to apply. The deadline is March 10 for your application to be accepted. The Mall of America website encourages as much creativity as possible. Good luck and have fun, applicants!

Source: Delish

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