It was back on April 5th when an unassuming 29-year-old came walking into our building

He was polite, courteous, and dedicated. He had some information he wanted to see if any of our radio stations could mention, a quick couple of seconds maybe. I saw him when he came in, his big old smile shined bright, easily outperforming the attempted sunshine outside. We shook hands and I listened to 29-year-old Benjamin Antonsen eagerly tell me about an upcoming fundraiser. I brought him into my studio and put him on the air, and then I wrote a story about his event. I was glad to promote it, and he and I walked back out to his mom's car, and off he went. Just another workday for me, but for Ben, it was more than that.....


Yesterday he dropped by once again, he had a letter in one hand and another flyer in the other

I inserted part of his letter for one main reason, to show what a class act he is. To take the time to sit down, and pour out his "Thank you" and other nice words stared back at me, and for the first time, I realized how lucky I am to have this job. We go to work 5 days a week and for the most part, take it for granted. This is a special young man who devotes a lot of his time doing what he can for the special Olympics. For some people they may judge someone with a disability, Benjamin in my mind is crystal clear and razor-sharp. His heart overcomes any obstacle and his attitude is way beyond impressive. He's a fantastic guy and I'm honored to be his friend. Here is some info on what he brought in:

WHEN: May 7th  - 10:30 am - 1:00 pm

WHERE: The Bismarck Moose Lodge ( 312 N 20th St, Bismarck )

EVENT: "Pick a Planter"  - Mother's Day is just around the corner! We Invite YOU to join HIT for our first ever "Pick a Planter" Event

 Lunch specials will be served!! Please come and VOTE for your favorite planter. Top 5 participants will receive prizes!!

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