They've played to millions worldwide selling out shows across Europe and played for in 40 US States.

Monday, August 8th "We Are Messengers" bring their music and message to Medora.

In a lot of ways many already consider their yearly trip to the Medora Musical an annual pilgramage of sorts. Monday, August 8th, many will make the journey for enrichment both musically and spiritually. That may be a grand statement, but it's not often Christian music fans get an opportunity to see a band of this magnitude at a location this magnificent.

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It seems the regular Medora Musical takes Mondays off

So while the cowboys and cowgirls take a much-deserved night off, stars of Christian pop and rock music will be taking the stage in their place. The evening will begin with songwriter/guitarist Ben Fuller who has been turning his music into a fantastic ministry. Ben will be followed by International Christian artists "We Are Messengers".

Just last year "Come What May" hit #2 on the Hot Christian Songs chart

Come What May is We Are Messengers top hit but they've had the eyes and ears of  Christian music fans for quite some time. Here's a video for the song from the We Are Messengers Facebook channel

Here's another big hit from the band's Facebook channel and they're playing it LIVE!


Call them rock or call them pop just make sure to share with your friends. It's time for a great summer road trip! Get your tickets now by calling 1-800-MEDORA1 or online at

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