For one beautiful moment, it seemed the multiverses of Rick and Morty aligned to bring us the McDonald’s Szechuan dipping sauce that Rick famously ranted about. Now, it seems McDonald’s one-day promotion has turned more sour than sweet, as empty locations rile up fans.

The one-day promotion was to return a 1998 (then Mulan-themed) Szechuan dipping sauce among several available for the restaurant’s “Buttermilk Crispy Tenders.” The Szechuan sauce became a quest for Rick and Morty fans after April’s premiere established Rick’s obsession for the condiment; kicking off recreations, insane eBay bids, and even a few new bottles produced by McDonald’s chefs.

Certain promotions at participating restaurants went off without a hitch, but as The Miami Herald has observed, a great many outages have also left fans disappointed, and standing in line for hours:

For what it’s worth, McDonald’s even apologized for the shortage:

Popularity of the condiment in yet another instance isn’t likely to be lost on McDonald’s, especially as Rick and Morty was recently pronounced the top TV comedy among millenials; the exact group McDonald’s has had trouble attracting. And while a more lasting return needn’t follow Mulan once again, there’s always the live-action film in development.

Not to mention, us Rick and Morty fans need to feel connected somehow in the long wait for Season 4. Stay tuned for the latest in the meantime.

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