To be honest, I don't frequent McDonald's often and that's only to say, I'm more of a health, seafood and salad guy. But fresh beef is coming to a McDonald's in Bismarck soon!

Justin Sullivan / Getty
Justin Sullivan / Getty

That's not to say, I don't enjoy a good burger from time to time. McDonald's said in a press release last week, they're going to start using fresh beef in their Quarter Pounders starting next year. Which make you wonder, what in the heck are in those burger right now? Un-fresh beef? Fake Beef? Beef that not 'fa-real' beef?

Not to worry, the beef you're enjoying right now is fresh beef, but it's flashed frozen to preserve the flavor and freshness.

The golden arches is responded to the current Wendy's advertising touting about how their 'square' real beef is never frozen. But it's a square? What's up with that Wendy's?

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