This is an amazing guy, for many reasons

I am going to try and refrain from the opportunity to tease this young man about his age, for you see I have a pair of shoes at home that is probably older than him. His name is Bryton Allard, he is from Williston, North Dakota, and at the age of just 21 years old, he became Powers Lake Police Chief. That is awesome.

A town of around 500 residents, Powers Lake sits about 181 miles from Bismarck, North Dakota

I had a chance to talk on the phone this morning with Bryton. He is a polite humble man doing a highly respected job. Growing up as a kid, he has wanted to work in law enforcement "Ever since I could walk...". After serving as a police officer for 2 years, Bryton filled out an application for the job of Police Chief. The City Council went through a few applicants before they knew who the right person was for the job - "We like him, he knows how to do things" - this past January Allard was named Powers Lake Police Chief, the youngest in North Dakota.

I asked him if people took him seriously when he got the job

Simply because of his age and how unbelievably young he looks, how did others in the community treat him? There are "those that will test his limits", but he is in a town where most will wave at him, or come up to him when he is stopped. What is his favorite part of his job? "Getting ready every day, always something different going on". Bryton turned 22 years old last Tuesday, and I had to know one thing, what is one of the things that he will never forget about his current job. "The former Police Chief was approached by a resident who said that she hated to see him resign, his reply was simple and gracious - I'm leaving it in good hands"

Respect is huge for all of us

Next time you are passing through Powers Lake feel free to give a big old wave to Police Chief Bryton Allard.


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