Hope you are having a great weekend, here's some observations.

So we are still in the middle of memorial weekend. hope you're having a good one ! Here's some things I've seen so far...

  • Lake Sakakawea is really cold right now! Went on a bike ride near the lake, and afterwards jumped in ... felt like jumping in icecubes.
  • This town lives on the river ... never have I seen so many Pontoons in one place and one time.
  • Beer is so tasty when it's 90 something degrees !
  • The weather changes so quickly, On Sunday thought it was going to be a rain day, but it went rain, humid then comfortable in a matter of hours .
  • It was good to spend a relaxing Memorial day weekend here, no crowds but plenty of outdoor activities. Can't wait to start fishing !

Of course though, thoughts and prayer for those fallen in Battle ... because that's what this weekend is all about 


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