Four Netflix series were insanely popular throughout the United States in 2021.

Netflix has released all kinds of great shows, movies, and documentaries this year. And, as part of a year-end wrap, decided to see which show each state loves the most. The top 4 for 2021 are Bridgerton, Squid Game, Manifest, and Stranger Things. Can you guess which Netflix show North Dakotans were most obsessed with in 2021?

Which Netflix series was the most popular overall in 2021?

Overall, the most-binged series on Netflix throughout the country was not even a Netflix original. According to, Netflix's most popular series this year was Manifest - 23 states are obsessed! For some reason, the show got insanely popular after it was canceled on NBC and Netflix picked it up to do a fourth and final season. Manifest is huge this year, but it is not the most popular in North Dakota. Can you take a wild guess as to which show it was?

What was the most popular Netflix series among North Dakotans in 2021? determined that Bridgerton was the most popular Netflix series in North Dakota this year! The same goes for Minnesota and Montana. And I have to agree that, out of all four series named, Bridgerton was also my favoriteBut was Bridgerton really that great of a series?

I did like Bridgerton. I loved the colors, the fashion, and especially the modern-day music played throughout the show on string instruments. But I did not understand the hype over the steaminess of the show. I felt it was tamer than the 50 Shades of Gray movies, which were not all that sexy, to be honest. So, all that hype was a letdown.

What was your favorite Netflix series in 2021?

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