North Dakota is known for many things, but arguably, one of the coolest is DINOSAURS.

As soon as you enter Bismarck, you will notice a Triceratops head in a glass case at the Bismarck Airport. -- Yes, it's real. Dino-bones are being discovered all over. If you're lucky enough to find one on your land, you might even get quite a bit of money for the find.

Paleontologists are traveling the state doing "digs," and they're not leaving empty-handed.

I actually just went to see the new "Jurassic Park: Dominion" movie last night; it inspired me to do a little 'digging,' myself.


Bismarck Public Dig

Get your brushes and chisels, there's a "Bismarck Public Fossil Dig" happening in South Mandan on July 5th. It's hosted by NDGS Paleontology. The public is invited to go along the bluffs of the Missouri River. The digs run every weekday through the end of July. Anyone age 15 and up (10 and up on family days) can participate.

What Have Others Found?

This is your chance to help discover some of North Dakota's past, and preserve it. How cool is it to play such an active role and learn more about our prehistoric past?

According to Clint Boyd, a Senior Paleontologist for the North Dakota Geological Survey, people who've participated in the past found new species, and even remnants of some of the most iconic creatures, like T-Rex's and Triceratops'.


I asked Boyd why this is something the NDGS likes to offer to the public; he told me there's something about doing it and finding pieces of history yourself.

"Working with the public on these digs allows us to share the thrill of discovery and the wonder of these past creatures with them while also maximizing the number of fossils we can collect and preserve for future generations each summer," said Boyd.

Boyd says he's happy to share this with the public. Unfortunately, this year's digs are all currently full, but you an still sign up and get added tot the waiting list and jump in if there are any cancellations.

If nothing else, it's something to plan for next year.

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