There wasn't as much surprise to the local reaction when the news came out recently that Carson Wentz was released

I was expecting more of a supportive feeling from people here in Bismarck and Mandan. The Washinton Commanders ( Carson's last team ) back on February 28 of this year released quarterback Carson Wentz - he had only been with them one year. The move was an obvious one for the team,

This is no hidden secret, the National Football League is a big business, like everything else in life

This was the news reported by earlier this month - "The Washington Commanders released quarterback Carson Wentz on Monday, in a move that had been long expected. The move saves Washington $26.176 million on the salary cap this offseason. Wentz had two years remaining on his contract but had no guaranteed money" So I wrote a story about this with the title "Bismarck's Carson Wentz Released - Is This The End?"  - the reaction was surprising to me, as so many people sarcastically said that "The End was a long time ago" Personally I don't think so, back on the day he was released there was no word on his future, there is now.

"Open to 'various' roles..."

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport

My question now is, "What team will pick him up?"

I truly believe it's going to happen, time will tell.

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