Prairie Meadows Events made an announcement on its Facebook page; it might pique the interest of anyone planning to say their "I do's" in the near future.

A Wedding Venue

The post explained that a wedding barn is due to be constructed -- a perfect venue for North Dakotans. Those involved in the project seemed pretty excited by this news, as they celebrated the construction approval with a confetti gun.

As you can see in the post above, a 3D model/rendering of what the barn will look like is available for our viewing pleasure.

That's Not All

That's not the only thing that they plan to have on the property; there will be a vintage farmhouse, the barn, and even a little church. All of this will sit on 30 acres of land in Dawson, North Dakota.


The venue's construction is scheduled to be completed by wedding season of 2024. As a matter of fact, they are already taking reservations. That might seem a little far out, but a lot of local venues fill up several months and even a year or so out.

The venue's website estimates you could comfortably host a wedding with 300 guests on the property. You even have access to 15 acres of camping facilities.

I don't know how you envision your dream day, but if it's a classic, quaint, North Dakota vibe that you're going for, this may be just the place for you and your loved ones to celebrate the joyous occasion.

All the packages and pricings are listed on the event venue website.


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