A new iOS update (iOS 11) is coming. The new update only operates on 64-bit devices, making some iPhones obsolete.

As you may know by now, the iPhone 8 is being unveiled on September 12th. With the launch of the new iPhone, the new iOS system is being pushed. Since the new iOS update will only work on 64-bit devices, the iPhone 5 and 5C, along with the iPad 4 will be obsolete. Essentially, you will no longer get updates on those devices.

There are currently about 200,000 apps in the App Store that are not compatible with the upcoming iOS 11. These apps are most likely being phased out by Apple. However, you can check to see if any of your apps are not up to par with 64-bit devices, meaning they are 32-bit applications. The 10.3 iOS gives you the capability to check this. Tap the 'Settings' app > then go to 'General' >

Tap the 'Settings' app > then go to 'General' > then tap 'About' > select 'Applications.' If you are not able to select 'Applications' and there is no arrow next to it, then you don't have any apps that are incompatible with the upcoming iOS 11 update.

Then again, if you have an Android, none of this applies to you.

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