Is the NFL rigged? This certainly doesn't help the argument that it isn't. NFL Network accidentally aired a commercial that congratulated the New England Patriots on winning the Super Bowl before the big game was played.

Most likely, the Los Angeles Rams have also had one of these commercials made in case they win as these ads need to be prepared for whoever wins the Super Bowl. There's also a good chance that someone at NFL Network could be in hot water with their bosses for scheduling the spot to run before the big game's been played.

While it's not exactly Spy-Gate or Deflate-Gate, it seems that controversy always seems to follow the Patriots when it comes to big games. It's not as if the NFL hasn't been under skepticism before on whether it's rigged or not.

In any event, this was an unfortunate slip-up by NFL Network, but accidents do happen. Being the Los Angeles Rams fan that I am, I'm willing to overlook this (just so long as the Rams win). Enjoy the Super Bowl and Go Rams!

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