With less than two weeks remaining until Thanksgiving, many people might start thinking about what will be on the holiday's dinner menu. Green Bean Casserole seems a must for North Dakota.

According to the internet service provider, Satellite Internet, through Google trends, they have found what the most Googled Thanksgiving recipe is for each state throughout the country. In North Dakota, it's Green Bean Casserole.

You'll notice from the map, several states throughout the Midwest also enjoy Green Bean Casserole, including our neighbors to the east and south, Minnesota and South Dakota.

Apparently, some states are also keen on the idea of stealing Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen's recipe for Popeyes Cajun Turkey. Illinois, Washington, D.C., Mississippi, and Virginia are after that one. However, Louisiana must have already had its fair share of Popeyes Cajun Turkey since they're more interested in Cornbread Dressing.

But hey, Green Bean Casserole is always a tasty choice at Thanksgiving time. While there may certainly be several variations of the dish, along with several fantastic recipe options for it, here's one you can try from Campbell's Kitchen just by clicking on this link. Then again, you can also try Bacon & Cheddar Green Bean Casserole, because let's be honest, everything's better when you add bacon and cheese.

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