We love to go fast, we get the zoomies. Often times, we can't stretch the legs of our cars to their full potential. It's sad, but sometimes necessary.

With that, here's another instance where you're going to have to slow your roll a little more. There's been a speed limit change in Lincoln.

Where Is The Change?

The Burleigh County Highway Department announced speed limit changes earlier today. The changes are on 66th street. The 35 mph speed limit has been extended from Lincoln Road all the way to 28th street.

You might have seen this post on Facebook earlier today.

The Lincoln Police Department shared the news, and since the post has gotten quite a bit of attention.

Opinions On The Matter

A resident of Lincoln, tells me they believe this has probably been done because there is a school near that area.

Some have expressed frustration about this change. They believe it isn't necessary to have such low speed limits, not only on this particular road, but others throughout Lincoln. There are some areas where the speed limit is a mere 15 mph.

The thought is that it is a rural area and an unnecessary restriction.

Watch For The Signs

In any case, this is certainly something that people will have to get used to.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you in favor of the change and think it's best for the residents of Lincoln?

Let us know what you think. Send us a message in our chat.



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