It is time to get those Christmas cookies prepared for Santa's arrival on Christmas Eve.

The days until Christmas are now down to single digits. If you have not done so yet, now is the time to hang those stockings from the chimney with care, wrap the presents, and get those cookies baked for Santa. And if you are in need of a good cookie recipe, maybe you would like to try baking North Dakota's favorite holiday cookie.

Do you know the most popular Christmas cookie in North Dakota?

USA Today found each state's favorite holiday cookie. Can you guess the is most popular cookie recipe in North Dakota? My guess was those cookies with the Hershey kisses baked on top, but I was totally wrong. Have you ever heard of a Norwegian Christmas cookie?

What is a Norwegian Christmas cookie?

As a lifelong North Dakotan, I must admit, I was not sure what a Norwegian Christmas cookie is. So, I had to do a little searching and I found that there are quite a few different types of Norwegian Christmas cookies. But there is one type in particular that you will likely find on Christmas cookie trays throughout North Dakota homes. It is that thin, crispy, rolled-up cookie called Krumkake.

According to a website called Unicorns in the Kitchen, Krumkake "is a classic Norwegian waffle cookie that literally means 'curved cake.'" The cookies require a special iron to create the shape and texture. And they can be served alone or with whipped cream filling.

Is Krumkake a Christmas cookie traditionally made in your home?

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