Historically, pheasant season has gone pretty well for hunters in North Dakota. This was until about 10 years ago when each year since saw a drop in numbers.

According to North Dakota Game and Fish Department statistics, total pheasants statewide are down 10 percent from last year. Pheasant hunters are having to work harder to seek out pheasants in other parts of the state, as the state is populated with fewer young roosters than previous. The statistics were broken down regional throughout the state.

  • In southwest North Dakota, pheasants are down 21 percent from 2015. For every 100 survey miles, there are 168 birds.
  • Southeast North Dakota has pheasants down 4 percent from last year and 62 birds per 100 survey miles.
  • The northwest portion of the state indicates that pheasant numbers are up 129 percent in the past year, and 93 birds per 100 survey miles.
  • Northeastern North Dakota usually contains secondary pheasant habitat. Showing just 14 birds per 100 survey miles. These are very similar numbers as the previous year in this region.

Basically, hunters can expect a similar season as last year. However, those numbers could drastically change as the weather changes. The 2016 pheasant season begins October 8 and goes through January 8, 2017. Hours are 30 minutes before sunrise until sunset.

Souce: Inforum