Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but apparently some 'beholders' have some more power than others.

The popular website Thrillist ranked every state based on their beauty. It is easy to argue with this list but as North Dakotans we need to admit that other states do deserve a bit more credit in the beauty department.

I still maintain that North Dakota has the best sky in the country though and if you find the right spots around North Dakota and all the little gems it has to offer, there's plenty of beauty here.

Regardless, Thrillist ranked North Dakota the 38th most beautiful. Being in the bottom 15 is unfortunate but Thrillist credits the presence of Theodore Roosevelt National Park as the reason for why it isn't even lower down on the list.

California was ranked No. 1 while Kansas came in dead last.

As for the states that border us, Montana came in at No. 9, South Dakota was No. 11, and Minnesota was No. 29. At least there's plenty of beauty within driving distance.

See the full rankings over at Thrillist.