The McRib is back at all McDonald's, but the McRib Locator Map can't confirm this...And yes, the McRib Locator Map is a real thing.

The McRib has been back since the beginning of November, but it seems that people in the northwest can't confirm as such.

Based on the McRib Locator Map, North Dakota is the closest McRib sanctuary for these poor customers in Washington.

According to the McRib Locator website, McDonald's at 2631 State Street and 4000 E. Divide Ave in Bismarck have both been confirmed to be serving the McRib. A location in Dickinson and two in Minot have also confirmed they have the McRib, but in the northwest region, the McRib is nowhere to be found. How could this happen?

I personally reached out to a fellow radio colleague of mine, Alyssa, that is currently out in Seattle, WA. She claimed she had "no idea the McRib was back." This is dumbfounding! No confirmed McRibs in the Pacific Northwest, a Twitter user that's completely beside himself, and my source who's very in-tune with what's happening in pop-culture seemed to be completely unaware of the phenomenon, the McRib, even being served anywhere.

Regardless of the lacking McRibs in the northwest, the sandwich's popularity continues to flourish throughout most of the rest of the country despite only being served for a limited time. And during that limited time, North Dakota McDonald's are here for you, northwest.

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