Christmas time is coming so we thought we'd look at some unique data regarding North Dakota and Christmas.

Cambridge Analytica crunched some numbers to find out certain habits of each state during Christmas time.

They looked at how likely singles are to find a holiday romance, how likely people are to travel abroad, where the biggest holiday spenders are, how likely it is a baby will born and other stats as well.

Let's take a look at the results for North Dakota:

  • North Dakota ranks No. 33 on the most extroverted states in the U.S. Additionally, North Dakota is ranked as the '42nd most single state.' Therefore with not a lot of singles and not a lot of extroverts, North Dakota is not the state to be for a new Christmas romance.
  • Parents in North Dakota are more likely than any other state to cook meals from scratch. Therefore, if you want a great home cooked Christmas dinner, there's no better place to be than North Dakota.
  • North Dakota ranks No. 41 for December births. The state also has the third largest family size in the country. It's possible we may see some births on Christmas but maybe not as many as we would see in other states. The most likely names for a boy in North Dakota this year is Liam and for a girl it is Ava.
  • If you have no plans to travel abroad this Christmas, you're not alone. North Dakota ranks No. 37 in the U.S. for states with travelers that go abroad for the season. With some good home cooking though, why would you want to be anywhere else anyway?
  • North Dakota is the 15th highest paid state and 27th for people who earn six figures or more. If you know the right people, you can expect some nice, expensive Christmas gifts this year.
  • The most unsurprising stat of all shows that North Dakota is the second most likely state to have a white Christmas. It's still too early to tell if it will actually snow on Christmas but with plenty of snow already on the ground and no signs of warming up, it's likely we'll see plenty of white on the ground come Dec. 25.