In a new study of the most and least tech savvy states, North Dakota was amongst the least tech savvy.

The blog, Decluttr looked at Google search trends to see which states were asking the most technology related questions.

Based on their findings, North Dakota is No. 3 on the list of the least tech savvy states.

The study looked at over 700 different questions people asked and then divided the amount of times those questions were googled in each state and divided it by the population to see the average of how many questions each person in each state asks per month.

Based on that data, the average North Dakotan googles a technology question over 82 times per month or more than two times per day.

Only people in Wyoming and Vermont search for more technology related answers per month.

This study certainly isn't scientific. Maybe people in North Dakota are more resourceful than those in other states. While residents in other states may get frustrated and throw their phones against the wall or take it over to the nearest Apple store, we simply just google the answer since we know it will be there.

Or maybe people in North Dakota are technologically challenged. You managed to successfully navigate to this website and read this article though. Good job!


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