Netflix has become a standard in most living rooms in America and the subscription movie service is just as popular in North Dakota.

With everything Halloween during the month of October, the people at Netflix have released a list of every states most popular horror series.

The key word is series. This is not including movies, this is only the Netflix series.

The menu of scary series Netflix offers is huge including Twin Peaks, Black Mirror, Stranger Things, Lost Girl, Goosebump and Devil Man to name a few. the list is daunting.

To complete this list, Netflix used Google trends by state and voila, you have the list of each states most popular Netfilx series.

Here is a partial list accompanied with the states ranking of the best.

  • Goosebumps- Illinois and Indiana
  • Devilman- Hawaii and Iowa
  • Stranger Things- Utah
  • Black Mirror- Maryland, New Jersey and New York

And finally for  North Dakota, our favorite Netfilx horror series is Santa Clarita Diet

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