Bomber jackets, mini dresses, sheer fabrics, oversized everything... the list goes on. What will be the big fashion trend in North Dakota this year?

A company called BooHoo looked at Google search data and found the most popular fashion trends people are looking up in North Dakota. Here's what they found.

The Big One In North Dakota

First, I think it is safe to say that North Dakota style is unique. One of the first things I noticed when I moved here was that there was this cowboy-arctic wear style to everything.

Obviously, the heeled snow boots and parkas are because it is so cold here, but the cut-off shorts and cowboy hats were a surprise to me.

Farming and ranching are huge in North Dakota, so that has heavily influenced our style. Plus, most North Dakotans love country music and rodeos.

With that, North Dakota's most popular fashion trend shouldn't be too shocking to you.

Most Popular Fashion Trends In North Dakota

1. Cowboy Boots - North Dakotans are OBSESSED with a good pair of cowboy boots. Whether it be for working on the ranch or just a fashion statement, we seem to love a good cowboy boot.

2. Shackets - To be honest, I had to look this one up -- further proof that I'm no fashion icon. These are long plaid shirt jackets.

Shirt + jackets = Shackets.

3. Chelsea Boots - Chelsea boots are basically just rain boots. According to, they got their name from a town in London where these boots are super trendy.


4. Loafers - I've never understood the allure of these, but North Dakotans do love their loafers.. err Dude Shoes mostly.


5. Graphic Tees - Everybody likes the easy, throw-it-on graphic tee. North Dakotans REALLY like them.

Side Note: I'm very relieved that Crocs didn't make the list.

That's it! Those are the most popular most-searched fashion trends in North Dakota right now.


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