There are plenty of opinions of the force used Thursday to remove Dakota Access Pipeline protesters. And the opinions vary on who you talk to or what you see on social media.

Jes Aznar / Getty Images

There was a video that has since been removed (YouTube) claiming a sniper at the site fatally shot a minor. It is these types of social media claims murk up the truth of what really happened. According to law enforcement officials, officers were patient and very respectful of the protesters and gave the protesters ample time to respond to officers demands and leave the north campsite in order to clear Highway 1806. Less than lethal forced was used on some agitators that put officers and the public in harms way.

Officials say they will continue to serve and protect demonstrators' right to protest if it is done on a lawful manner. When a protester comes to attack an officer with an object such as a stick, log or throw feces at or toward an officer, the appropriate force was used in these types of incidents.

Social media video or posts do not convey the entire story or incident on every circumstance.

Officials say in order to clear the highway, some teepees were removed in a respective manner.