We're just a week away from Valentine's Day, so maybe a trip to the 10th most romantic city in America is in the cards. Look no further for your romantic destination than Fargo.

Based on your experiences in Fargo, maybe this isn't the case, or perhaps it is. However, according to Redbox, Fargo is where you can romance it up with your significant other.

The results are based on rentals of romance and romantic comedy movies, which is perhaps not the best way to measure this topic.

The top cities for romance based on the results are:

  1. Glendive, MT
  2. Columbus, MS
  3. Sherman, TX (I've been through Sherman, TX and used to live near there. There is nothing romantic about Sherman, TX.)
  4. Fairbanks, AK
  5. Lake Charles, LA (If you've seen Season 1 of True Detective, which is amazing, you'll notice that a lot of the creepy stuff that happened in that season was in Lake Charles, LA. All of that stuff is anything but romantic.)

There you have it, romance your date in Fargo, one of the most romantic cities in America. This, according to Redbox.

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