With students already going to class for the fall semester, Schools.com has listed the best 4 year colleges in the nation and one of the top colleges in the country is located in North Dakota, but the location may surprise you.

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Schools.com compiled tons of information and data from the U.S. Department of Education and scored the nations colleges on a 13-point system to rank each campus to release the 25 best college campuses in the country. Some of the areas scored were affordability, location and flexibility.

Making the grade and scoring # 23 on the top 25 list was Minot State University. After all the dust settled, and scoring more than 1600 college campuses, MSU got the passing grade.

Minot State University

Not only is MSU popular with Canadian students, the school also was recognized last year by U.S. News and World Report for an outstanding on line bachelor's program.

I bet you were thinking NSU or NDSU. Congratulations to Minot State University for being one of the top 25 college campuses in the nation!