Where is the best mall in North Dakota located?

As far as North Dakota shopping malls go, it could be argued that the West Acres Mall in Fargo is the best one in the state. There are great stores like a standalone Sephora, Creative Kitchen, and Lululemon that you can't find at other malls in the state. There are also many delicious dining options like Leeann Chin and that new sushi place, Crave. And West Acres always seems to be expanding.

The former Herberger's location in West Acres has been purchased by the mall's owners.

According to Inforum, the owners of West Acres Mall bought the vacant Herberger's location in the mall for the minimum auction bid of $725,000 ($760,000 after everything was said and done). The former Herberger's will reportedly will be checked for asbestos and then it will be under construction for something new. But there is no word yet on what will be taking over the open space.

What should replace Herberger's in the West Acres Mall?

Malls.com reports that the former Herberger's location in the West Acres Mall is the smallest anchor store in the mall. But, at 92,500 square feet, there is a lot of space that could be put to good use! Think of the possibilities of what new things could go into the West Acres Mall!

I have thought about this for a while, and I think that Fargo needs a Dave and Buster's location! If you have never been to a Dave and Buster's, it is a restaurant, bar, and arcade on steroids! Some of the most fun arcade games I have ever played have been at Dave and Buster's. And, putting one in the mall would totally bring in big crowds.

What would you like to see come to the West Acres Mall in Fargo?

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