If your Valentine's Day date is wanting a delicious steak dinner to set the mood, you don't need to go far for the "Best Steakhouse in North Dakota."

According to a list put together by Tasting Table, Peacock Alley is the best steakhouse in the state. This restaurant, located at 422 East Main Ave in downtown Bismarck, will win you over with the finest hand-cut, USDA Certified Angus beef, aged 21 days minimum and seasoned with Peacock Alley's own signature spice blend.

The Cowboy Ribeye is their most famous steak, but don't sleep on their various options of sirloins, ribeyes, and filet mignon. Their menu also highlights their 'hanger steak,' which is sometimes known as the 'butchers steak' (butchers tend to keep it for themselves). The limited 'hanger steak' is featured especially since there is only one per animal. The hanger steak is only served medium rare for best taste and texture.

Pairing any of their steaks with one of seventeen martinis on their drink menu is always a solid choice. At that point, if you haven't won your date over, then you're clearly doing something wrong on your end.

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