One of my biggest frustrations driving around town is people's inability to properly make a left turn.

If you are at a light with a green ball or a flashing yellow light and you are the first car, you need to pull way out into the intersection. Like way out there. Right in the middle. Past the thick white line. Almost to the point where you are under the light.

Then when the opportunity presents itself, you make the left turn. It may be while the light is green, flashing yellow, steady yellow or yes, even when the light is red. Pulling out into the middle of the intersection (which is legal) also allows you to complete the left turn after the light has turned red.

That is the whole point of getting way out into the intersection. But often times, people do not do this. And one of those times happened yet again on Oct. 9. I captured the entire thing (including my extreme frustration) on my dash camera.

**Just for reference, when you watch the video, the blue Kia in front of my car is not the culprit. There is a white pickup truck in front of the blue Kia who is the culprit here.**

The guy on a flashing yellow does not get into the intersection, and then even when the light moves to a steady yellow and a red, he still doesn't make the turn. We then needed to sit through yet another sequence of lights before he ultimately pulled out into the intersection and made the turn.

This video was recorded at the intersection of 3rd street and Bismarck Expressway.

Also, please excuse my calling out of an entire state in the video. I was just frustrated. Some people do know how to properly drive. I made an improper generalization in the heat of the moment.

The video has been edited to remove expletives which is why at certain times the audio 'drops out.'

Have you ever been in this situation before? Isn't it frustrating?!

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